All pricing options include:

  • daily warm-up

  • programming

  • accessory work

  • competitors programming (you pick your track of cardio, endurance, strength, gymnastics but ALL tracks available to all members)

  • garage workouts (when you just can't or don't want to drive to the gym or are on the road)

  • mobility

  • cool-down

  • Open Gym.

on-ramp to crossfit

$150 - 6 small group lessons with one of our CrossFit coaches. On-Ramp is required for those new to CrossFit so you feel ready to jump into any of our daily group classes and start moving safely, efficiently, and effectively. Click here to read more about On-Ramp and what to expect at TSR CrossFit

Unlimited month-to-month

$160.00/month* Unlimited membership month to month
30 days notice for cancellation from last billing date.

Unlimited Membership
12 months paid in full

$1,728 - 10% discount off the month-to-month rate for 1 year paid in advance. No refunds for unused months. No placing membership on hold.

special communities

$130.00/month* includes active duty First Responders (police, fire, EMS), Active-Duty military and Reservists, Youth 17 & under, Teachers
30 days courtesy notification to management from last billing date to cancel membership.


Membership includes two adults and up to two family members, must have same address. Unlimited membership with access to all scheduled classes and Open Gym. Ideal for the family who wants to CrossFit/lift/get fit together!

30 days notice for cancellation from last billing date.

punch card

$150.00 - includes 10 visit Punch Card: Card does not ever expire and can be shared.


$100.00 - 1 week (7 days) unlimited classes + TSR t-shirt of your choice: great for those visiting the area and wanting to drop-in to get a workout in every day. Access to Open Gym included.
$20.00/day for Daily drop-ins (or $30.00 + t-shirt)

Must be an experienced CrossFitter to attend scheduled classes. Drop-in available for lifting during Open Gym hours.

Personalized Training
with 1:1 coaching

$50.00/hour or three 1-hour sessions in a week for $120.00 ($30.00 discount)
1:1 training with personal coach. By appointment only. Refine foundations of movement or layer skill. 60 minutes of personalized coaching.

Olympic and Power Lifting

$130/month* (with ACH/Debit card for monthly withdrawal) Membership includes access to all gym equipment including lifting platforms (3), Jerk Blocks, and other specialized equipment. Come in and lift during Open Gym/7 days a week. During scheduled CrossFit classes, lifting membership athletes are asked to stay within the lifting platform area to ensure classes have priority during class times. Month-to-month membership. Must give 30 days notice from last billing period to cancel membership.

Must give 30 days notice from last billing period to cancel membership.