Diane and Clark Stuart

Diane and Clark Stuart

Our story

Diane and Clark Stuart are a husband and wife team with a passion to serve others. Clark completed 24 years in the U.S. Navy as a SEAL and retired as a Chief Warrant Officer. Diane completed 31 years in law enforcement and retired as Chief of Police. 

People often ask what TSR CrossFit stands for. TSR stands for Trident-Star Ranch. The trident is the most recognizable symbol for SEALs. The star represents the star-shaped badge that Diane wore on her uniform and signifies the authority, sacrifice and service of law enforcement. Diane and Clark also own a cattle ranch located in Eastern Oregon. As such, Diane and Clark’s professional backgrounds and ranch ownership led them to name the gym, TSR CrossFit.

TSR CrossFit’s philosophy is to provide a welcoming, inclusive environment where all who train have the opportunity to improve their physical health, combat chronic disease, and become the best version of themselves. With world class mentorship through the support of professional coaches and a welcoming community, you will improve your quality of life, overcome challenges, and have fun! Within our walls, our members will have the opportunity to explore new horizons and recognize their limitless potential in a space that fosters mental, spiritual, and physical wellness and growth.

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