New to CrossFit?

TSR CrossFit welcomes all athletes, regardless of their CrossFit experience. All new CrossFit athletes start with our On-Ramp Program. The On-Ramp Program is specially designed to introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, core movements, and the intensity of workouts. Just like CrossFit as a whole, the On-Ramp Program is a learning experience and an opportunity to grow.

The On-Ramp Program consists of six small group classes led by one of our CrossFit coaches. These introductory classes will prepare you to join our daily classes and to start moving safely, efficiently, and effectively. The classes consist of a warmup, workout, and post-workout cooldown and stretching routine. You will be introduced to core CrossFit movements that include bodyweight movements (air squats, pull-ups, ring rows, sit-ups, box jumps) as well as both barbell and dumbbell movements (deadlifts, squats, presses, snatches, cleans). Additionally, you will have the opportunity to run, jump rope, and use various training aids such as bikes, rowers, ski ergs, wallballs, slam balls, and kettlebells.

You will sweat! Do not worry, however, as our skilled coaches will appropriately scale workouts to match your skill set and fitness level. Elite athletes, elderly retirees, and individuals with limited workout experience can all successfully complete the On-Ramp Program. You can too!

The On-Ramp Program is $150.00, and you can sign up at any time. New On-Ramp Program classes generally commence every other week. The On-Ramp Program consists of six classes that include hands-on, individual coaching to help prepare you to join the daily scheduled CrossFit classes. One of our coaches will coordinate class times and dates with you. Classes are held three times per week for two weeks. Attending On-Ramp Program classes three times per week allows for the best results. This schedule promotes memory retention of new skills and the opportunity to practice between sessions. Additionally, you are welcome to come in to TSR CrossFit during Open Gym to hone your new skills. (See “schedule” for Open Gym hours.)

If you decide to join TSR CrossFit as a month-to-month member after completing the On-Ramp Program, your first month will only be $100.00. Regular month-to-month membership rates will commence after your first full month at the discounted price. This is our way of thanking you for entrusting your fitness journey to TSR CrossFit and our exceptional staff.