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TSR CrossFit invites you to explore our bright and well-equipped space. We offer state-of-the-art Plae flooring, a 44-foot rig with 10 lifting stations and double wall ball targets (9-foot and 10-foot), three different bike models (Assault bike, Rogue Echo bike, and Concept2 bike erg), Concept2 rowing ergs, Concept2 ski ergs, and an Assault Air Runner. There is also a long stretch of indoor turf for sled pulls and pushes, handstand walks, and stretching and mobility. Further, to help you hone your Olympic lifting skills, TSR CrossFit also boasts three professional lifting platforms and jerk blocks, all of which are located in the rear of the gym.

The most valuable attribute of TSR CrossFit is our community. Our facility will accommodate you whether you are just getting started on your journey toward improved health and fitness, returning after some time away from the gym, or if you are seeking to further your strength and conditioning as a high-level athlete. Come in and enjoy the electric vibe where athletes of all ages and abilities come together to learn and work hard. CrossFit is functional fitness. It does not have age restrictions and can be applied to your everyday life to ensure that you can hike, hunt, dance, or just move!

Not only is TSR CrossFit focused on physical fitness, we emphasize nutritional awareness as well. We offer MuscleUp protein bars for fuel, FitAid for post-workout recovery, and FNX Supplements to help take your training to the next level. If meal preparation is daunting, our gym is also a pickup location for PaleoFast meals.

TSR CrossFit is conveniently located in the Thurston area (one block from Thurston High School and on the northeast corner of Main Street and I-105) in the former KeyBank building at 5690 Main Street in Springfield, Oregon.